At LSS, our goal is to pamper you from head to toe and bring out your individual natural beauty. Our experienced and talented stylists and staff members are among the qualified in the industry. Whether you need a full day of relaxation, a completely new hairstyle or a complete bridal make over, you will find it here at LSS.Threading, Facial, Waxing, Haircuts, Hair treatments, Highlights, Make-up. We do it all!!!!

Men Facial

Swedish Massage

Light to medium Pressure: with smooth relaxing Massage strokes to release Tension from the body.

Therapeutic Massage

This Massage is a cross between Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage, Combining some deeper muscle work to get some knots out while still getting some relaxation during the same Massage.

Deep Cleansing Facial

Refines the skin by exfoliating and reducing congestion. Extractions are performed to remove impurities, while an anti-bacterial mask helps to calm the complexion and reduce future breakouts.

Deep Tissue Massage

Medium to Heavy Pressure with specific work to the muscle groups to work out knots in the body. This Massage may not be the most pleasant while receiving it, but the after effect of long term tension reduction is the goal.

Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone Massage uses actual stones heated to a comfortable temperature to Massage the body, this helps warm the tissue up to make it easier to work deeper into the muscle while relaxing the body.

Specialty Pregnancy Massage

Massage for pregnant woman to help relax and relieve stress from the changes to the body during pregnancy.

Body Scrub (Salt)

Full body scrub to exfoliate dead skin cells to leave soft healthy skin behind

Body Wrap (Seasonal)

Relaxing Body Wrap to Moisturize the skin using seasonal body Masks.

Shower Time

If you need to shower after a Massage Service Be sure to schedule extra time, and if you will need your hair dried and styled after please be sure to let us know!

Body Pampering Package

This 2.5hr long service is a combination of body scrub/wrap along with a Full body Massage. This involves exfoliation of the skin, then a moisturizing body wrap to hydrate your body and then any type of full body Massage to ease all your stress away. (If hot stone Please let the therapist know at the beginning of your service to be sure the stones are heated)


Service Price
Swedish Massage 60 min $65
Swedish Massage 90 min $95
Therapeutic Massage 60 min $70
Therapeutic Massage 90 min $105
Specialty Pregnancy Massage 75 min $95
Service Price
Deep Tissue Massage 60 min $75
Deep Tissue Massage 90min $115
Hot Stone Massage 60 min $85
Hot Stone Massage 90 min $125
Body Scrub (Salt) 45 min $55
Service Price
Body Wrap (Seasonal) 60 min $65
Shower Time 15 min $7
Body Pampering Package 150 min $175